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The Global Business for Ukraine Association respects your personal data and believes that privacy matters.


The Global Business for Ukraine Association (the GB4U) is responsible for the collection, processing, and use of your personal data and must ensure compliance with Swiss law and possibly applicable European law. The GB4U intends to process your personal data in a lawful, fair, and transparent manner. In this Privacy Policy, we explain what data of personal nature concerning you as a natural person is processed by the GB4U and the purposes for which the data are processed. At the same time, this Privacy Policy gives details of the rights you have to guarantee and possibly improve the protection of your privacy.


1. Who are we?

Your data is processed by the GB4U, an association within the meaning of Art. 60 ff. ZGB. The GB4U seat is in Gotthardstrasse 26, 6300, Zug, Switzerland.


If you have additional questions and/or would like more information, you can always contact us at


2. What personal data does GB4U collect and what does it do with your data?

In the framework of the GB4U activities you may communicate with us by any means of communication including, but not limited to e-mail, phone, social networks, online application forms, send us different files, or conclude agreements with us. This may result in the collection of your personal data. Below you will be able to explore cases when we collect data directly (para. 2.1-2.6) and indirectly.


The GB4U does not collect, process, store or use personal data from individuals aged less than 16 years.


2.1. Employees of the GB4U members:

If the company, you are employed by, is or become a member of the GB4U we will collect information about you:

  • Contact details: last name, first name, gender, date of birth, job title, company (employer), work address, telephone number, e-mail address, and any other data that you provide to us voluntarily


We may also collect data that contains information about the domain name or IP address, date, and length of time spent by the Internet user on the GB4U website. Such data is collected automatically when the Internet user visits the GB4U website. In conjunction with other data, this information may help us determine the most attractive content for our visitors. In addition, such data helps us to detect any destabilization of our facilities.


We collect and process your data in order to allow us to provide the services and benefits offered by the GB4U which are currently in the area of networking, knowledge and experience-sharing, and advocacy. This allows us to fulfill our legal obligation to you and reach the following purposes:

  • communication with you in connection with your membership

  • sending you e-mails that contain information on membership and activities, business and economic information, committee-related news, event invitations, publications, newsletters, results of research or surveys, information on policy developments relevant to companies, etc. that we think might interest you

  • preparing working group lists and meetings

  • responding to your requests, and questions, and reacting to your concerns

  • conducting surveys and research

  • administering membership and collection of fees

  • storing, updating, and analyzing data in corporate software

  • organization and registration for the GB4U events in the context of its statutory activity or events in which the GB4U acts as a co-organizer

  • transferring information to courier companies, outsourcing accounting companies, banks

  • enabling you to use the GB4U website and its features

  • administering your account with us, the GB4U websites, including improvement of our Internet services (developing new features and offerings, etc.)


Please be aware that apart from the purposes listed above, we may also process your personal data to provide law enforcement authorities with the information necessary for criminal proceedings or if such processing is necessary for another legal obligation to which we are subject, in order to protect your vital interest as a data subject or the interest of another natural person or for the purpose of any other legitimate interest pursued by the GB4U or a third party that does not violate your fundamental rights and freedoms as a data subject.


Legitimate interest means the interest of the GB4U in terms of conducting its statutory activity. When we process your personal information for the purposes of our legitimate interests, we balance any potential impact on you and your rights. Our legitimate interests do not automatically override your interests.


2.2. Officials (national, European, international, or public servants, etc.), interest representatives, representatives of civil society, international organizations, press contacts, and other individuals with whom the GB4U makes contact in the framework of its activities and purposes:

  • Contact details: last name, first name, gender, job title, place of work, working address, telephone number, e-mail address


Conducting our activities and in the framework of our mission and purposes, in particular when we represent, promote, and defend the interests of the association’s members in certain legal, regulatory, trade, and other matters, organize events for networking or expert opinion-sharing, the GB4U may collect mentioned above data. The GB4U’s use of the data is on the basis that it has legitimate grounds for so doing.


2.3. Individuals who are not members of the GB4U

If you are not a member of the GB4U and you sign up for subscriptions (newsletters) or register for events organized or co-organized by the GB4U (when such registration is available) we will collect and process your personal data to be able to follow up on your registration, as well as to handle your suggestions or complaints:

  • Contact details: last name, first name, gender, job title, place of work, e-mail address, telephone number, and contact details that you voluntarily provided to us

  • Photos, and video recordings from events organized or co-organized by the GB4U


In this case, we will save your data with your explicit consent.


You can easily unsubscribe either using the unsubscribe button in the newsletter or by sending an e-mail to


2.4. We will also collect personal data for the purposes of organizing activities and events

We keep a record of your participation in our events as an attendee or speaker. In order to provide you with information associated with the event and process your registration we will:

  • Access your data in our database if you are a member

  • If you are not a member, collect your last name, first name, job title, organization, and contact details that you voluntarily provided to us and store them in our database for the purposes of the event. With your consent, we may use this information to tell you about other events and publications

  • Collect photos, and video recordings from events

  • Also, record the answers or remarks related to our events that you attended in the context of satisfaction surveys or any complaints that you have addressed to us


We will use your personal data for reaching the following purposes:

  • Follow-up of your registration and any comments and complaints in this context

  • General customer/attendant management, including accounting, litigation, and legal proceedings, the recovery or transfer of receivables, and the protection of our rights in general


2.5. Representatives (contact persons) of suppliers with which the GB4U has concluded contracts for the provision of certain goods and services (e.g., suppliers, tenants, IT providers, insurance companies, accounting service providers, etc.)

For the purpose of execution of the contractual relationship (e.g., follow-up of the contract or to manage remarks or possible complaints within the contractual relationship) we collect such personal data:

  • Contact details: last name, first name, gender, job title, company, working address, e-mail address, telephone number, function.


2.6. Representatives of the prospective members

We collect the following personal data of individuals who contact the GB4U directly for membership or information purposes:

  • Contact details: last name, first name, gender, job title, place of work, e-mail address, telephone number, function


When you send an e-mail to the GB4U yourself in order to apply for membership in this organization or when you complete the application form on behalf of a company you represent via the website and submit that form, we save your data in our database pending the conclusion of the membership process. The GB4U has a legitimate basis for so doing on the grounds that it is necessary for the execution of procedures necessary for the completion of the membership process.


If you hand us a business card, you are also registered in our database. The basis for storing this data is that of legitimate interest.


Prospects and potential members that the GB4U contacts by itself are registered in the database to send them information on possible membership of the association. The basis for storing this data is that of legitimate interest.


2.7. Public data and data that we indirectly collect

Sometimes the GB4U processes public data. This may be, for example, data that is subject to a publication requirement, such as the publication of your appointment as a company director, or data that you have made public, such as the information posted on your website.


We also collect data that is public, because it is well known in your area or because it appeared in the press.


The GB4U may also receive information about you from third parties (e.g., outside partners) and may use this information for example for prospecting purposes or to establish a marketing profile. In such cases, a third party must be able to demonstrate that the data was obtained in compliance with the respective regulation on data protection and that it may use it for advertising (marketing) purposes.


2.8. The data spontaneously transmitted by you to us

For example, when you contact us by phone or online, the team member taking your call or reading your message can note your first name, last name, e-mail address, and telephone number to inform your contact person or personal manager in the GB4U of your calls or emails and to respond to you or to keep a record of our correspondence and/or to optimize the service we give and our internal functioning.


2.9. The non-personal data

We also may collect data in a form that does not, on its own, permit direct association with any specific individual (non-personal data). We may collect, use, transfer, and disclose non-personal data for any purpose. If we do combine non-personal data with personal data, the combined data will be treated as personal data as long as it remains combined.


3. Cookies policy

The GB4U website uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your device for storing data and that can be read by the web server in the domain that hosted them. We use cookies for enabling you to sign in, analyze how our website performs, keep track of activity on our website, collect traffic data, and fulfilling other legitimate purposes.


Most web browsers automatically use cookies, while allowing users to control the process by blocking or deleting them. Instructions for blocking or deleting cookies can be found in each browser’s privacy settings or reference documentation.


Please note, that if you delete cookies or refuse to accept them, you might not be able to use all of the features we offer, you may not be able to store your preferences, and some of our pages might not display properly.


4. Who receives your personal data?

The personal data collected are processed in accordance with the purposes mentioned in section 2 of this Privacy Policy by team members of the GB4U who need your personal data in the exercise of their functions and duties.


The GB4U does not sell personal data.


In principle, we do not share your personal data with companies, organizations, or individuals outside of the GB4U except in specific cases when your personal data may be transmitted to some third parties:

  • personal data of the GB4U members’ employees may be shared with postal services, mailing systems, outsourcing accounting companies for financial reporting matters, banks, ICT providers, payment systems, taxi services, journalists, security companies, cloud services, phone operators, public authorities to the extent of the GB4U’s statutory activity, with other members of the association (for instance, using B2B matching tool if you agree to it) or counterparties (for instance, delivery services)

  • personal data of participants of the GB4U events or participants of events in which the GB4U acts as co-organizer may be shared with speakers (moderators) of such events, pertinent public authorities, companies co-organizing these events, or with external service providers such as event organizers, but purely for organizational reasons, for ensuring security and the free entrance of participants or with service providers for organizing video conferences, if the event takes place in an online or mixed format (for example, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, etc.) for ensuring the possibility to join a video conference

  • official bodies within the framework of the legal obligations that the association is obliged to respect

  • personal data of the GB4U’s suppliers may be shared with the GB4U members, accounting companies, banks, etc.


The GB4U may publish on its website the first names, last names, job titles, place of work, and photos of individuals, who represent governing or supervisory bodies of the GB4U (for example, who are members of the Board of Directors), the leadership of the working bodies of the GB4U (e.g., different committees, task forces or working groups, etc.).


5. For how long do we store your personal data?

We try to make it easy for you to keep your personal information accurate, complete, and up to date. We will retain your personal information for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy. When assessing these periods, we carefully examine our necessity to collect personal information at all and if we establish such necessity, we only retain it for the period required to realize the purpose of collection (for instance, the term of your employment in the GB4U member company, etc.).


Of course, the GB4U retains your personal data in accordance with any legal time limits and limitation periods in force.


We anticipate that a member company will inform us when an employee leaves a company and that will give us an understanding that the data of the person can no longer be used for the provision of the GB4U’s services and activities.


In some cases, for administrative reasons, the GB4U will archive your first and last name, given that these data cannot be deleted from the minutes of the Board of Directors, committees, or other working bodies of the association, etc. It will mean that your contact data are no longer actively kept.


6. What rights can you exercise to ensure the protection of your personal data?

You have the following rights in terms of processing of your personal data:


  • access to your processed personal data

We can already confirm that the GB4U does not keep particular categories of personal data (e.g., data relating to race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation)


  • correction of inaccurate or incorrect data


  • deletion of personal data

Please note that the GB4U is entitled to keep your personal data when a legal limitation period requires it to do so.


It is also important to mention that if you request the deletion of your personal data, this will mean that you may no longer benefit from our services.


  • restrictions on the processing of personal data

It is important to mention that if you request a limitation on the processing of your personal data this will mean that you may no longer benefit from our services.


  • filing of an objection to the processing of personal data and request that we cease using your data for direct marketing purposes (e.g., subscription to newsletter or information on events)


  • not being the subject of automated decision making


  • request to transfer your personal data to another entity/organization

Considering existing limits to this right each request will be examined on a case-by-case basis.


If you wish to exercise one or more of the rights outlined above or have substantive issues relating to this Privacy Policy, please contact us at and specify which right you want to exercise.


Moreover, as your personal data are processed on the basis of your consent, you may withdraw this consent at any time. The GB4U will then delete your data.


You can lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority – the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) – if you feel that we have not acted in line with the applicable data protection legislation.


7. How do we protect your personal data?

We treat the security of your personal data very seriously and make every effort to secure your personal data to the extent possible and to protect your privacy in an optimal way. We protect your personal data by various means in order to maintain its confidentiality and integrity, prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of your personal data and protect your personal data from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.


Firstly, the GB4U has a rule that defines how employees should leave their working space when they leave the office (clear desk policy). Moreover, each employee of the GB4U has a unique password to access the website’s back office and passwords to access the local database.


Hosting providers and cloud service providers guarantee protection by means of encryption. Some types of data that are stored on cloud services may be restricted to a certain group of users. For instance, employees from one department cannot access data from other departments.


8. Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is not a static document, and it is likely to be modified over time. Should any changes occur, they will be published on this website, without notice, together with the date of the change from which the change is made effective.


September 9, 2022

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