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Global Business for Ukraine presents its members

Global Business for Ukraine is pleased to present like-minded companies dedicated to promoting business opportunities in Ukraine. We are delighted to welcome a diverse range of members, including SFox, BRUGG Pipes, Digital Data Consulting,UMG INVESTMENTS LLC, SISENER INGENIEROS SL, Global Clearance Solutions AG, Restart GMBH, SARLBlocksport AG, Trust Square AG, Check Eye LLC, BG2V Avocats, PPG Industries Europe SARL, Thommessen, GE Power Conversion, Agrosem, Bertelsen & Garpestad AS, UPTON Group GmbH, TerWin Group, Metro AG.

These companies share our vision and commitment to promoting Ukraine as an attractive destination for business, even in the face of ongoing challenges. As part of the GB4U community, these members will have access to valuable resources and information to navigate Ukraine's dynamic business landscape.

Anna Derevyanko, the Executive Director of the European Business Association and Cofounder of GB4U stated, "We are excited to witness the ongoing interest in Ukraine as a business hub. GB4U is committed to supporting global companies by providing vital information about Ukraine, establishing critical business contacts, and serving as a trustworthy advisor for investment decisions."

The GB4U team remains committed to fostering its expanding community's exploration of Ukraine's business potential while also facilitating Ukrainian companies' expansion into global markets. If you want to learn more about our mission or become a part of our vibrant network, please don't hesitate to contact us at


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