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Looking for international events? Here are a few we participate in

Updated: Nov 16

Dear colleagues,

In this block we will publish business, investment, Ukraine related events, where Global Business for Ukraine or the European Business Association participate as a partner or speaker.

However, please, kindly keep in mind that these events aren’t organized by us, therefore, we don’t responsible for agenda, registration, confirmation, or any other organizational/administrative issues – you have to contact organizers in this regard.

This list has an informational aim – to share where we participate globally and, most probably, can be interesting for our business community.

🇱🇹 28 November – 1 December, Vilnius, Lithuania

Ukraine Green Recovery Conference

🇪🇸 29 November – 1 December, Madrid

Rail Live

🇬🇧 1st December, London

The 7th Annual Ukrainian Investment Roadshow

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