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The GB4U initiative was presented to Finnish companies in Warsaw

The Nordic countries have unquestionably supported and continue to support Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion. Nordic companies are renowned for their innovation and commitment to sustainability. They can bring these values and practices to Ukraine, contributing to a positive recovery process. The historical bonds, current economic relations, and unwavering support offered during challenging times enhance the potential for successful business collaborations.

On the eve of the Rebuild Ukraine conference and exhibition in Warsaw, the Global Business for Ukraine (GB4U) initiative, along with Miltton Ukraine's services, were showcased during an event organized by Business Finland for Finnish companies participating in the conference.

The situation in Ukraine, its role in the geopolitical picture, and the opportunities there, despite the full-scale Russian invasion, were presented by representatives from Miltton, the leading Nordic consultancy that established a presence in Ukraine this summer, and UkraineInvest, the investment promotion office of the Ukrainian government. Speakers emphasized the current investment opportunities in Ukraine, presenting a picture of the on-ground situation that differs from mainstream media portrayals.

Sergiy Tsivkach, CEO of UkraineInvest, highlighted that “It is possible and necessary to invest in Ukraine.” UkraineInvest provides comprehensive support to investors, including up-to-date analytics necessary for making informed investment decisions and for operations in Ukraine. “We want companies to understand that Ukraine is a profitable business case; it has a lot to offer those who are ready to invest in reconstruction,” Sergiy Tsivkach explained the investment incentives available in Ukraine, identifying key sectors and industries that currently offer the most attractive investment opportunities.

Kaius Niemi, Director of Growth and Technology, Partner at Miltton, underlined that the "rebuilding Ukraine'' project is a huge task that will involve the entire Europe and that Finland should be proactive in this direction. "Our role is to provide answers and scenarios to the questions that companies might have when considering entering the Ukrainian market and support companies at each stage with 400+ professionals from the Nordics, Baltics, as well as from Miltton's offices in Brussels, Washington DC, and, of course, Kyiv."

"Ukraine needs all the support we can give. But at the same time, Ukrainians say that they don’t want to be pitied; they want to have sustainable business and investment opportunities. This applies exactly to Finnish companies. And you shouldn’t wait until peace is on the horizon because it might be a little too late. It always takes time to establish a company and start running operations," commented Christer Haglund, chairman of Miltton Ukraine.

Tetiana Tregobchuk, head of Miltton services in Ukraine, along with Jarkko Konttinen, CCO of Miltton, revealed how Miltton and its partners, particularly GB4U and the European Business Association (EBA) in Ukraine, could assist Finnish businesses. "To always be up-to-date with events in Ukraine and the opportunities that are opening up here, we also offer several products. Specifically, this includes market analysis, stakeholder mapping, and special membership in the GB4U initiative," said Tregobchuk. She also noted the full range of communication services such as PR, GR, media relations, event management, and more, available to companies with an established presence in Ukraine.

Jarkko Konttinen pointed out that "Miltton provides a unique service for Finnish companies - organizing business visits to Ukraine, during which businesses can engage with government officials and representatives of local businesses, especially with EBA members."

As a reminder, the partnership between Miltton and GB4U, formed last month, aims to provide a comprehensive business support platform for Finnish and Swedish companies looking to trade or invest in Ukraine. It seeks to contribute to Ukraine's rebuilding efforts and societal development through market intelligence, networking, and advisory services. This initiative is led by a team of senior advisors located in Stockholm, Helsinki, Brussels, and Kyiv. This partnership marks a significant step towards fostering business collaboration and supporting Ukraine’s economic resurgence.


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