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The Ukrainian Parliament has adopted procedure on investments insurance in Ukraine agains war risks

The business community in Ukraine welcomes the adoption of this legislative initiative and looks forward to the signing of Draft Law No. 9015 by the President of Ukraine as soon as possible.

The European Business Association has repeatedly emphasized the need to address the issue of insuring investments against war risks and supported the need to adopt the draft Law “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Financial Mechanisms for Stimulating Export Activities” on Insurance of Investments in Ukraine against War Risks” No. 9015 of February 14, 2023. Without this, it is extremely difficult to attract new investments into Ukraine’s economy. At the same time, by providing investors with protection against losses due to military operations, the Government will help create a more stable and secure environment for investment, which will ultimately benefit the country’s economic development as a whole.

Draft Law No. 9015 amends the Law of Ukraine “On Financial Mechanisms for Stimulating Export Activity” to remove restrictions on the possibility of insuring domestic investments by the Export Credit Agency, including in the context of military operations and post-war recovery.


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