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Ukrainian opportunities were presented to businesses from Aragón

Ukraine has great opportunities in agro, IT, logistic and infrastructure, construction, pharma and more. Hence, it’s important to saw seeds and strengthen business ties with Ukraine, open ways for cooperation and be involved in the reconstruction of Ukraine. The Global Business for Ukraine cofounder and European Business Association in Ukraine Executive Director, Anna Derevyanko mentioned it during the meeting with businesses from Aragón, held in CEOE Aragón.

During the meeting, Anna Derevyanko highlighted the "resilience of companies that continue to operate and try to maintain activity and employment", despite a drop in the Gross Domestic Product of the country that is estimated at 30%, a figure similar to the increase of inflation since the beginning of the conflict. Moreover, shared the latest business sentiments, key economic facts and challenges that have place in business activity.

Moreover, Anna presented to the Aragonese companies the initiative Global Business for Ukraine (GB4U), whose main objective is to boost the business investment and business of foreign companies in the country, facilitating access to information and cooperation between Ukraine and global companies.

The President of CEOE Aragón, Miguel Marzo, has emphasized that it is not only about the "indispensable solidarity with the Ukrainian people, its companies and the reconstruction of the country", but also about "opening opportunities in different sectors - business cooperation, investment, new operations and opening of markets in this country ”.

Both Miguel Marzo and Luis Lanaspa, Director General of Economy, highlighted the great margin of improvement existing in the economic relations between Aragón and Ukraine, which had not yet been explored before the conflict, as well as in the desire to have more deep cooperations.

Hence, we thank CEOE Aragón for great meeting, openness and hope to have further cooperation between Ukraine and Aragón as well as the businesses.


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