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144 investment projects worth $5 billion appeared on the Investment Map of Ukraine for 2023

A year ago, in February 2023, the European Business Association and Global Business for Ukraine, together with Ukraine Invest, launched the Investment Map of Ukraine to inform investors about business opportunities in Ukraine and attract new investment in Ukrainian projects.

As of February 2024, the map already includes 144 projects with an investment potential of $5 billion. Among these projects, 50 are in the area of recovery of Ukraine. Currently, the Map includes 68 projects from businesses and 76 from municipalities. This year, we have received 21 requests from potential investors interested in the projects on the Map.

The geography of the projects covers 17 regions and the city of Kyiv. Among the regions, the leaders in terms of the number of projects are Kirovohrad (35 projects), Dnipro (29 projects), Odesa (23 projects), and Sumy (13 projects) regions. The leading sectors are fuel and energy (22 projects), administrative and support services (18 projects), agriculture (16 projects), heavy industry (13 projects), and construction (12 projects).

The Map has a separate section on the Ukrainian Startup Investment Platform, where you can find general data on the Ukrainian IT sector and 20+ Ukrainian startups.

The Map was created as a convenient interactive tool to provide potential investors with information on available investment opportunities in different regions of Ukraine, their characteristics, investment potential, and opportunities to apply if they are interested. In addition, the Map contains detailed information about each region of Ukraine, including size, location, population, local taxes, educational institutions, available resources, and developed sectors.


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