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Business in Ukraine – opportunities, priorities, challenges

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Last week, the European Business Association together with Global Business for Ukraine, German Eastern Business Association, UkraineInvest - Ukraine Investment Promotion Office and with the support of BASF held a special event in Berlin, dedicated to discussing opportunities for doing business in Ukraine and the country's investment potential.

In particular, among the potential, we were talking about opportunities in IT, agriculture, logistics, food and processing industries, mechanical engineering, etc. Thus, the speakers called on the global community to study the opportunities offered by Ukraine, to work with businesses from Ukraine, to place orders in Ukraine; and to explore opportunities for making investment decisions. Moreover, concrete investment cases were presented.

Of course, some challenges while working in the country were also raised. However, the speakers explained that companies stay and invest in Ukraine - because the potential prevails. Companies can operate and be profitable even in times of war. Companies can be successful without bribes. Moreover, Ukraine has confidently embarked on the path to EU membership, which opens and will open additional opportunities for entrepreneurs. Businesses that are already operating in Ukraine understand this, that's why companies continue to invest in the country, their business, its expansion, etc.; global investors actively explore prospects and potential in various industries.

So we sincerely hope that this event has given pointers on what to pay attention to in these aspects. And, of course, we thank the speakers for their useful insights, the audience for their attention until the very end of the event, and our partners - German Eastern Business Association, BASF and UkraineInvest - for the support!


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