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GB4U will work together with BASF under uniting global businesses around Ukraine

Global Business for Ukraine is happy to announce a partnership with BASF to build a strong global business community around Ukraine together.

‘We believe that only the joint work with reliable partners makes it possible to reach goals faster. GB4U's first and main goal is to unite global companies around Ukraine, to share opportunities that are in different sectors with companies that are not present in Ukraine yet, and motivate them to have a look at the investment and business potential. Particularly, for Ukraine to gain faster economic recovery. And we thank BASF Ukraine not only for supporting GB4U on this important road but also being the one with whom to walk this road. As business holds and develops the economic front, therefore, together we are much stronger, visible, powerfull’ – comments Anna Derevyanko, Global Business for Ukraine cofounder.

‘BASF works in Ukraine since 1992, continuously investing into support of sustainable development of Ukrainian economy with BASF knowledge, products, and solutions across multiple industries, at the same time aiming at ensuring strong business resilience of its team in the country. In the current time of unprecedented challenges, we stand firm with Ukraine and its people. As a global company with more than 150-years of the market presence we want to facilitate Ukraine’s emerging from the war conflict as a stronger and more prosperous state, by enforcing modernization, resilience, and agility of the country’s economy. We strongly believe that this can be achieved only in cooperation with other organizations and business partners. Today, we are uniting our efforts with Global Business for Ukraine to support building a strong global business community around Ukraine together’ – said Tiberiu Dima, Managing Director BASF in Ukraine.

Hence, in terms of our joint work we are going to:

  • Advertise doing business in Ukraine and facilitate potential investors in Ukraine.

  • Raise awareness about existing business opportunities, among Polish and German businesses in particular.

  • Strengthen trade and economic ties between countries.

  • Establish relations with relevant stakeholders to unite businesses around Ukraine.

Ukraine, without exaggeration, is a country of opportunities, an example of resilience and invincibility of both and every Ukrainian and business that continue to adjust their processes and gain momentum even in the most difficult conditions of uncertainty. We have a lot to be proud of and our international business partners should know about it. For example, the world-famous agro direction, extensive logistics infrastructure, advanced technologies, IT industry, which is developing at a tremendous pace every year, fertile soils, extremely high-quality service industry (hotel, restaurant, beauty), and medicine, digitalization, talented and well-educated people, etc. We are pride oneself on it! Have told, are telling and will continue to tell the world about it!


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