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Insight from Within: the work of French business in Ukraine

Despite the war, several French companies continue to actively work and support Ukraine's economy. This was the central thesis of the event "Doing Business with Ukraine - Insights, Experience, Perspectives: French View", organized by the European Business Association, Global Business for Ukraine, and BG2V Avocats, which took place on May 31, marking the beginning of the Ukrainian-French Cooperation Week. The event brought together seasoned leaders from French business companies who shared their thoughts, experiences, and perspectives on doing business with Ukraine.

Indeed, business relations between France and Ukraine are pretty strong. Moreover, they tend to grow. This was confirmed by the executives of French companies, who expressed their intentions to continue working in the country or their investment plans.

At the same time, French companies have not been without some changes in their operations in Ukraine. The main ones include relocation of employees to safe territories, collaboration with local businesses, etc. The relocation of staff to safer areas within Ukraine has allowed business continuity. Furthermore, French companies have strengthened their cooperation with local enterprises, forming strategic partnerships to contribute to the recovery of the Ukrainian economy. The joint efforts of governmental institutions from both countries have also played a crucial role in implementing initiatives for recovery. During the meeting, it was also noted that entrepreneurs are witnessing the active involvement of Ukrainian and French governmental bodies in the recovery of the affected regions.

The French Republic also strives to support businesses to stimulate economic development in the country. Specifically, the state offers grants of up to €1 million to small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the Ukrainian market and provides export financing to French companies.

Despite the challenging conditions for operating in the country, the determination of French companies to support Ukraine and actively contribute to its recovery demonstrates their commitment to long-term partnerships and resilience. Moreover, shows that Ukraine has many business and investment opportunities for global entrepreneurs. Hence, now, more than ever, it is crucial to leverage them. Specifically, French businesses are open to collaboration in the information technology sector, construction, civil engineering, and agriculture. Moreover, French companies are seeking partners among telecommunication service providers and more.

Therefore, on behalf of the EBA and GB4U, we sincerely invite you to explore the business opportunities currently available in Ukraine! If your company is not yet operating in the Ukrainian market - the Global Business for Ukraine initiative can assist with this, moreover, help to find reliable partners for cooperation and growth. The European Business Association, on the other hand, invites companies that are already operating in Ukraine but aspire to further development, scaling, or market recovery.

By investing in Ukraine now, you are investing in the European future, so we invite you to build the future together!

Thanks to BG2V Avocats, particularly Oksana Zoppini, for their support and joint organization of the event! Special thanks to the speakers - Roland Guény and Oksana Zoppini from BG2V Avocats, Julien Delpech from Invivox, Stephane Lelux from InfraNum, Yves Rogez from Cohin Environment, Alex Gittelson from Egis, Benjamin Constant Dewavrin from Neo-Eco, and Pierre Faye Sainte Marie from Mas Seeds - for sharing valuable insights about the operations of French businesses in the country!


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