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The Investment map of Ukraine already includes 117 projects

Updated: May 18, 2023

Three months ago, the Global Business for Ukraine, in collaboration with the European Business Association and Ukraine Invest, launched the Investment Map that showcases specific investment opportunities and projects in different regions of Ukraine, thereby facilitating investment in the country.

The map includes 117 projects - 55 from businesses (47%) and 62 from municipalities (53%). The total investment potential of all projects is about $1.8 billion. The Kirovohrad region leads in terms of the number of projects (30), followed by Dnipropetrovsk (28) and Odesa (20) regions. The projects cover 14 industries - transport and logistics, agriculture, construction, food and processing, education and development, fuel and energy, health care, administrative and auxiliary services, heavy industry, light industry, tourism, waste management, extraction, and industrial park.

Anna Derevyanko, Global Business for Ukraine cofounder

" Not considering investing in Ukraine is a big financial risk today, as Ukraine has tremendous potential. With the help of this Investment Map, we want to tell global businesses about these opportunities as within the GB4U we communicate with international businesses and see tremendous interest in Ukraine. Of course, there is also a certain caution that one can understand since the security situation in the country is very acute. However, for interested parties, this map is a practical tool. And information about the business environment, features of working in various sectors or industries, match with possible partners for cooperation, etc we will be happy to make and provide in the GB4U framework."

Hence, welcome:

• If you represent a business, a state or local government body and have a project that needs to attract investment, submit it for inclusion on the map by filling out the "Want to Submit My Investment Project" form on the website

• If you are an investor that looks for exciting investment opportunities, check out the map and view the projects available

In case you have any questions or would like to receive consultation on investment opportunities, please feel free to contact us at

Just a friendly reminder that you can sort projects on the Map by region or industry. Each project’s description includes details about its initiator, status, location, investment opportunity, investment amount, and goals and terms of implementation. The Map also provides information on each region of Ukraine, such as size, population, taxation, educational institutions, natural resources, and developed industries.


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