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The meeting with the Ministry for the Restoration of Ukraine

On July 6, member companies of the European Business Association and Global Business for Ukraine met with Deputy Prime Minister for the Restoration of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov and the team of the Ministry of Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine.

The focus of the meeting was on priority recovery projects, the work of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, and the development of port infrastructure, shipping, and railway transportation. During the discussion, it was noted that the government and businesses can jointly rebuild Ukraine.

75% of the Ministry of Restoration’s projects are implemented with international financial organizations. Specifically, they involve:

  • Restoration of the social sphere;

  • Restoration of vital infrastructure facilities;

  • Development of transportation infrastructure;

  • Reconstruction of damaged and destroyed buildings, and so on.

To make the recovery processes transparent and understandable, a “digital toolkit” is being implemented, which includes

  • The DREAM platform enabling project tracking at all stages of implementation;

  • Geoinformation system for regional development;

  • Registry of damaged and destroyed property;

  • Unified state electronic system in the construction sector.

The eVidnovlennia program has been implemented to facilitate building restoration, through which Ukrainians receive financial assistance for ongoing repairs. The next stage, a program to aid those whose homes were destroyed due to hostilities, is being prepared for launch.

On its part, the European Business Association has launched an Investment Map featuring ongoing community projects and investment opportunities across various regions of Ukraine.

During the meeting between the European Business Association and the Ministry of Restoration team, the implementation of the Black Sea Grain Initiative was discussed, which is being hindered by Russia’s actions. Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov emphasized that one of the main priorities is to unblock Ukrainian ports for free navigation. Ukraine has the right to this according to international maritime rules. Therefore, will once again appeal to the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Due to the blockade of Ukrainian ports, it is crucial to develop export logistics. In particular, the Danube Cluster is an important export route. It was noted that the business community is interested in its development and is ready to invest in constructing new facilities. The Danube ports have achieved a record cargo turnover of 3 million tons, with potential for further growth. Ukraine is in consultations with the Romanian side regarding the possibility of further deepening the Ukrainian part of the Danube, which would allow for an increase in the draft of vessels. Active negotiations are also underway with Romanian colleagues regarding the possibility of transshipment and ensuring round-the-clock navigation through the Sulina Channel.

Representatives of businesses and the Ministry of Restoration also discussed the development of freight and passenger railway transportation.

Another topic raised during the meeting was the interaction between businesses and local communities. It was noted, in particular, that the State Architecture and Construction Inspection establishment, instead of the old corrupt structures, has made the processes more transparent and simplified the issuance of permits in this field.

Oleksandr Kubrakov, Deputy Prime Minister for Restoration of Ukraine - Minister for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine:

"Meeting businesses is crucial, listening to their concerns, and jointly seeking solutions. Supporting economic development in times of war is another path to victory. The infrastructure team is already proposing investment projects that contribute to Ukraine’s recovery and are appealing for business development and scaling. We stand for ensuring transparency and equal conditions for investors."

The European Business Association and the Ministry of Restoration team have agreed to maintain regular feedback from the business community. Additionally, EBA representatives will provide investment cases where investors have already been attracted and identify areas where the Ministry of Restoration requires assistance.

We thank Mr. Kubrakov and his team for a productive meeting and look forward to continued dialogue for the effective recovery of Ukraine and infrastructure development!


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