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Ukraine launches Global Business for Ukraine community to stimulate international businesses support

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

In Ukraine have been announced the launch of a global community, Global Business for Ukraine (GB4U), with the main aim to attract investments and business into Ukraine to build infrastructure, create business opportunities, facilitate trade, and foster talents.

It is expected that this community will become the main channel for international businesses and businesspeople:

  • to get the latest information on important issues in Ukraine that affect the global economy and first-hand sentiments on doing business in the country;

  • to get access to the network and instruments that will help to find business partners, clients, and engage with stakeholders in Ukraine;

  • to get access to the guidelines and tools to make the right decision on investments or further development.

The idea of creating an international business development association (to unite global companies that care, who want to support Ukraine, its economy, businesses, and people) was born during the World Economic Forum 2022 in Davos and then took shape at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano. Moreover, the country has a variety of opportunities to present to the world – in human resources, agro, food, IT, healthcare, the energy sector, and more, and GB4U wants to display them.

The European Business Association (EBA) in Ukraine is a source of inspiration, a great supporter, and a reliable partner of the GB4U. The EBA is the biggest and most influential international business community in Ukraine. It exists for 23 years and unites around 1000 companies with over 2 million employees.

Please, find attached the Manifesto that declares Global Business for Ukraine’s motives, intentions, and opportunities.

The website with all the details can be found via the link Home | GB4U

The power of unity is priceless, and Ukraine has already demonstrated it a dozen times. Moreover, the joint success will demonstrate the power of collaboration, it will show the world that sovereignty is built on freedom, prosperity, and opportunities for all. That investing in Ukraine now is investing in the future of Europe.

Therefore, Global Business for Ukraine invites international companies to dialog and joint work, to create an environment for long-term success, to create the future together.


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