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White Paper on Ukraine’s Recovery

The European Business Association (ЕВА), a partner organization of the GB4U and one of the biggest and most influential international business community in Ukraine, has published its Proposals concerning the recovery of Ukraine’s economy.

The EBA experts on the platform of the Ukraine Recovery Committee have prepared the White Paper, which contains business proposals for economic recovery and improvement of the investment climate in Ukraine.

The White Paper covers various industries and areas that fall within the competence of EBA companies and experts. Particular attention is paid to tax and customs issues, technical regulation, consumer protection, licensing system and intellectual property, environmental issues, human resources, pension reform, financial services and electronic payments, equal opportunities and diversity policy.

The document also includes proposals to improve regulation and business conditions in such industries as construction, mining, food, woodworking, healthcare, logistics and infrastructure, energy and energy efficiency, agriculture, alcohol imports and trade.

The document was sent to the Office of the President of Ukraine, the Government and the Parliament, the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine and other international partners of the EBA. We hope that the issues outlined by the EBA and the proposals for improving the legislation and regulatory framework will be taken into account in the adoption of further government decisions in the context of the recovery and economic reform of Ukraine.

The EBA experts believe that attention to business proposals will not only help to restore the economy, but also create attractive conditions for attracting foreign investment, which is necessary for economic growth and improving the quality of life in Ukraine.


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